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Rebecca Fredericks

From: £ 55 per session

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Specialised In:

  • Nutrition
  • HIIT
  • Core
  • Strength
  • Weight Management
  • Advanced Resistance Training Techniques
  • Exercise for fat loss
  • Pre and Postnatal Exercise

About Me:

I’m Bex, a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach and author and I specialise in working with women, helping them to feel healthier and happier and to achieve their physical goals.

As a personal trainer I will teach you how to move your body in a way that’s fun and effective, as a nutritionist I will analyse your food and offer nutritional and supplemental advice and as a coach I will help you to create healthy habits, break bad ones, develop the right mind-set, sleep better, move more, and generate a healthy lifestyle that supports you and ensures you achieve your goals. I truly believe that a holistic, 360 degree approach to your goals is the only way that real change can be create and sustained.

Over the years I’ve worked with women of all ages, shapes and sizes, including women with diabetes Type 1 and Type 2, endometriosis, obese women, young women (aged 13, 15, 17), women with hypothyroidism, women who just want to lose a few pounds, tone-up, build muscle, women who want to be motivated and those who want to completely change the shape of their body.

As a mum of 3 I have spent the last 4 years working with a lot of pre and post natal women – it really is a passion of mine. In fact, I was so passionate about helping pregnant women that I wrote a book on it called ‘Mummahood: The Expert Guide to a Fit, Healthy & Happy Pregnancy’.

If you’re looking to create positive change in your life, take back control of your body and achieve long-term, sustainable results then please do reach out for a free consultation – I’d love to meet you and see whether I can help you to achieve your goals.

“Rebecca has been my trainer during my pregnancy; her preparation and professionalism are first class! Thanks to Rebecca I managed to stay active and exercise throughout the 9 month; this allowed me to live my pregnancy with no back pain at all which is amazing as I have two hernias in my lower back from a previous accident! Rebecca support goes beyond what you’d expect from a PT; thanks to her studies in psychology and nutrition, she can provides a 360 support which is extremely precious and rare to find. Rebecca has a contagiously positive personality and is definitely a natural coach both for the body and the mind.” Valentina, mum of Matia

“I met Rebecca Fredericks during what now I would call the lowest point in my life. I was severely anxious and depressed. I was also very unhealthy and overweight.
I could tell you that she’s a great personal trainer and I could probably go on and on about all the amazing recipes she has come up with for me. But that honestly wouldn’t even begin to skim the surface of all she has taught me. Whether it be mental health or even just healthy lifestyle choices, her knowledge was immense.
Over the course of 2 years, Bex has changed my outlook on life, people, as well as my relationship with eating (I had gone through years of eating disorders prior to meeting her). She taught me so many ways to exercise when I couldn’t find time to book in a session with her, and she even gave me a schedule during my exams that helped me deal with my anxiety and helped me to study more efficiently.
During this time I’ve not only lost a considerable amount of weight, but I’ve also gained a lot of mental and physical strength, learned to cook healthy meals and gained the confidence that I once lost.
More than a personal trainer, and at times psychologist, she became my friend and someone that I will always look up to.” Mia Razzak

“After my pregnancy, I found it difficult to find any clear guidance on how to begin safely exercising again, particularly after having a caesarian. I wanted to work out but didn’t want to cause myself further damage, and felt very weak. In my first session Bex assessed my physical condition and gave me some exercises to do at home to help with my mild diastasis. Over the course of the following weeks, I was amazed by how much I was able to achieve both in terms of strength and cardio training. I fully expected that my body would fall apart after one burpee! In fact, I now feel stronger and have lost all my baby weight. Amazingly, the numbness I felt around where I had the caesarian has completely gone and I feel like my body is more capable of coping with the physical challenges of looking after a baby. I really enjoyed the sessions and have a clear idea of what I need to do, both in terms of diet and exercise, to continue to work towards my goals.” Laura Sonnenberg, mum of Lucas

“Working with Bex over the past four months has been life-changing. Although that may seem like hyperbole, when I met Bex, I had a morbid fear of exercise and was struggling with simple things like getting up and down the stairs without being out of breath - I am only 39… I felt so self conscious about my size that the thought of exercise made me break into a cold sweat and my self esteem was at a low.
Four months on, I am three dress sizes smaller, have a new found love of exercise (words I NEVER thought I would say) and feel confident and happy again. Most importantly, I feel like I have made a long term change, rather than a short term quick fix (as I have done before). Bex’s programme sorts out the mind as well as the body, which has been so important for me to make some really positive long term changes. Bex’s positivity is infectious; she is fantastic to work with and is a real force of nature - she’s been tough, encouraging, supportive and has really pushed me to do better. It hasn’t been easy but at every step, Bex has been there, in person, on the phone and over email to give me the support or the kick in the butt I needed. Bex is a really wonderful person who is a joy to work with. Go for it; you won’t regret it.” Gemma Baker


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