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Mohamad Hussain

From: £ £65 per session

Specialised In:

  • Nutrition
  • HIIT
  • Boxing
  • Core
  • Strength
  • Weight Management
  • Advanced Resistance Training Techniques
  • Circuit Training
  • Behavior Change Coaching
  • Low back pain training

About Me:

Hi, my name is Mo and I am a Personal Trainer with an advanced level of knowledge of the human body. My background is in pharmaceutical sciences thus my training methods heavily rely on the use of an all round strategy to allow you to achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals.

My approach is heavily based in the medical sector with constant research being made to allow the body be kept in the best possible health. I help people through disease management as well as disease prevention.

I also specialise in multiple fitness related training such as boxing training and muscle gain using the most efficient methods for your body type.


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