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Natasha Lankester

From: £ 70 per session

Specialised In:

  • Nutrition
  • HIIT
  • Core
  • Functional
  • Power
  • Strength
  • TRX
  • Weight Management
  • Circuit Training
  • Exercise for fat loss
  • Functional Equipment Training

About Me:

I am a Personal Trainer living in London, and am totally passionate about all things health and fitness. But I believe there is so much more to health and fitness than just the physical aspect that people tend to look for, the “outer layer” if you will. I have a degree in Psychology from the University of Sydney and I use this knowledge to my advantage in career and personal life, I like to adopt a holistic wellness approach.

As well as focussing on the main aspects of health and fitness which are exercise and nutrition, I will look at all lifestyle factors. This includes skin health, mental health, sleep quality and quantity, relationships, work/life balance, time management, organisation etc. The list goes on and on, basically anything that YOU personally need to achieve optimum health, I can help you with.


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