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Daniel Komolafe

From: £ 55 per session

Specialised In:

  • Nutrition
  • HIIT
  • Boxing
  • Core
  • Functional
  • Power
  • Spin
  • Strength
  • Weight Management
  • Advanced Resistance Training Techniques
  • Circuit Training
  • Exercise for fat loss
  • Functional Equipment Training
  • Behavior Change Coaching
  • Kettlebells

About Me:

The true driver in my approach to my health and fitness is my desire to maintain a formidable mental balance. As much as exercising is a physical thing, I try to make people aware of the level of importance it has on our psychological advances.

Choosing me as your coach will not only have you seeing physical changes but have you tapping deeply into a pragmatic mental space.

Being a competitive person, I am always determined to give everything I am involved in my absolute best. This energy, I believe is truly contagious and very easily passed on to my clients and people around me in general, which they use as motivation.

'What works for you does not works for the next' - using this initiative I offer everyone a pre assessment session and consultation, completely free of charge in order to test and breakdown detailed targets. These targets will be worked on during our fitness relationship were we will carry out specific routines with additional daily support and a widespread of lifestyle guidance.

The confidence that having good health and fitness brings is incomparable, so be ready to unlock your 'SUPER' in superhuman.

Remember, with better health comes a sharper mind, so why don't you... "Give The Now Your All"!


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