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Knowledge is power so before you go on to booking your free consultation with FitStudioZ we invite you to read some important insight and facts about Fat Loss below.
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Weight Loss / Fat Loss :

Losing fat and losing weight are actually two different things. One person may want to lose weight because they are carrying some unwanted fat. Others may want to lose weight to be able to compete in a particular sporting category.

FAT is a term we all steer away from. It’s something people associate with an insult. However, it’s in fact a necessity! Fat is an energy store with in the body, insulating us and protecting our vital organs. I’ve always seen fat as the ‘mini bus’, helping move protein around the body and protein aids muscle growth and recovery. We need fat! What we don’t need is excessive fat.

Gaining fat is easy and in some cases, fun! Eat lots, work out less. Losing fat can be tremendously difficult. It’s both a physical and mental journey that will come with it’s ups and downs.
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The key to losing fat:

Nutrition -

A nutriiton plan is crucial. Notice, I’m not using the word ‘diet’. A diet suggests a time frame, an end point. It’s usually at these end points that the body regains some fat and goes back to it’s old ways. A nutrition plan is entirely different. It’s a lifestyle and habitual change. It involves understanding what you’re eating, why you’re eating it and when to eat it.

Furthermore, every body is different and responds to food differently. So what works for one, won’t always work for another.

Exercise -

Exercise, doesn’t always mean dripping with sweat, exasperated and about to collapse. It can involve lifting weights, functional movement and low intensity walks. As fun as the saying is “sweat is fat crying”, it’s not quite that simple. By conducting exercise we are using a complex equation to do with thermodynamics and burning calories. But, lets not get complicated! Exercising is crucial to losing fat safely and for good! No more yo yo on the scale. Consistent exercises routines with variations is extremely important.
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Putting it straight -

Exercise burns calories. Eating gains calories. Provided you’re burning is more than you’re gaining, you're on the right track. However, you must be sure you’re eating the right foods and doing the right exercises. Don’t tune out on the first sentence and leave. Be sure you are eating food that help your body recover and grow. Be sure your exercises are specific to your goals. Going to the bench press will not burn as much fat as the treadmill!

Every body has it’s own individual ‘code’ to break. It’s hard work, sweaty and requires will power. But it’s a worthwhile investment, once you’ve cracked that code, you’ve cracked it for life! You’ve learnt your body’s requirements inside and out and will be able to communicate with it in no way you’ve been able to before!
At FitStudioZ we have developed a number of packages designed to get not just great results but sustainable results.

All our packages include nutrition advice and day to day support to help you achieve your goals.

None of our packages come with an auto renewal.

We are focused on your results and we want to give you maximum flexibility.

When you are ready to move to training on your own we will provide you with a training programme and advice to make sure you have a smooth transition.

All training is undertaken in fully equipped specially designed 1-1 booths
- No sweaty noisy gym floors
- No more waiting for equipment
- Privacy during your training
- Private changing rooms and showers
- The most effective training
- Full flexibility move your sessions to fit your schedule with 24 hours notice
- Freeze your sessions while on holidays
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Select from one of the packages below and come in for your free consultation.

£40 per session - Great for getting a kick start and if you don't train on your own
£45 per session - Great for combining with home training on your own. We will provide you with a set of exercises to complete between sessions.
This is our most complete and exclusive package. Designed to provide the maximum results in a 12 week period. We combine personal training sessions, together with specialist nutrition support, sports massage, daily support and guidance, access to a unique set of tips, exercises, and much more. If you are interested in this package come in for a free consultation and we will take you through all the details involved.
£50 per session. This is for heavily self motivated and those who train in a gym. You will get a real push every week together with a set of exercises to complete in the gym on your own.
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